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Why our pricing is so different

About half of the work we do is made up of jobs which take two or more whole days for which we provide quotes for the entire job, and the rest of what we do is smaller jobs taking anything from twenty minutes to several hours. The reason we don’t offer thirty minute appointments though is because in reality only a tiny percentage of the jobs people call in a professional to do will actually take half an hour or less, meaning you will be paying more like £55 or £60.

This is actually what our rates start at, but instead of an hour you get the first 90 minutes for this price and after that STT’s hourly rates are comparable to what many companies charge for half an hour – in fact when you consider that our prices  all include VAT but the prices some of our competition splash across their websites as being bargains only tell ng you that the VAT is extra on closer inspection, you quickly realise that STT offer both exceptional value and total transparency.

It’s not all about money though. The second reason for our unique way of pricing is because we don’t like to rush you and we don’t like to rush our staff. This means you can take maximum advantage of having a multi-skilled and highly experienced artisan in your home or business who will work at a professionally efficient pace but is not in any hurry, because haste in our business can be dangerous.  This is another reason we don’t offer 30 minute slots, because can mean driving all over London spending a fortune on parking and petrol and getting stressed when you can’t find a parking space or you’re running late due to traffic, and at the end of the week you might have only done twenty hours actual work but spent 30 hours travelling between jobs. This is an extremely difficult way to make a living, which is why we don’t do it. The result is lower overheads and very little down-time, meaning we’re  not stressed and you pay less.

Simply put, we like to be able to check and double check everything so there is never any doubt that the job is done right and you never have to worry that we were rushing to finish, because years of being self-employed has taught the founders of STT that in such a highly competitive market you often have to run around frantically from one job to the next just to make ends meet, and that is both highly stressful and can potentially mean that things get missed. More often though it means that time runs over and you end up paying for the full hour or for an hour and a half. On which point, because you have already paid for 90 minutes you will never have to worry that we are taking our time to get more money from you.

So that is why our fees are set out the way that they are; it’s about making sure the job is done right the first time every time, and once the primary job is done, if there is still enough time, we encourage you to point out any other jobs you might want doing. Some of our customers actually make a list and some people hire us specifically to get several little jobs done all in one go. We strongly encourage making a note of any other small jobs you need doing, and if there is time we will do them there and then.

Alternatively, if you have no other jobs that you can think of – there will be some you simply might have noticed them yet or just can’t think what they are, feel free to get our expert opinion on things like the security of your home or ways in which you might save money on your bills. You can get a free security survey from your local police (follow the link on the relevant section of our services page, or just click << here >>). Conversely, if your job is one of the very rare ones which literally only take ten minutes and then you need to go out, we will happily come back within 60 days to give you the rest of your 90 minutes.

In short then, with STT you pay what most companies charge for one hour but you get us for an hour and a half, which means you can really take advantage of having an expert  who is not in a hurry who can help make your life run more smoothly. And to reiterate, haste, stress and exhaustion can lead to mistakes and in our business mistakes can cost lives.

Remember, STT is built on the decades of combined experience our highly diverse team of experts have in dealing with people from all walks of life and with every type of business. It is through listening to what you have told us about what you want, and through making this our priority, that we have created a business formula which the most successful business people in history know to be the route to success:  provide a reliable and reputable service at the right price and you will never be short of happy customers. Which is why we prefer to charge you less and give you more because we know that happy customers are repeat customers, and they tell their friends.

So whether it’s simply an Ikea wardrobe you need assembling or an entire mansion you need refurbishing, get in touch today; we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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