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Painting and Decorating Services

Whether your need is functional or purely cosmetic, a single door or a whole mansion, there is not much that STT cannot offer when it comes to painting and decorating because this is the trade that is truly at the heart of our industry; It’s where almost every handyman and handywoman starts out, and as such everyone in STT, no matter how far their expert training has taken them, can still wield a brush with confidence and competence.

That said, it’s important to acknowledge that people who paint houses for a living tend to possess exceptional skill with a brush, and in addition to offering every kind of interior and exterior painting service usually associated with normal decorating, we also have associates who specialise in sign-writing, and fine artists who can produce outstanding murals and even breath-taking trompe l’oeil work, although we usually require considerable notice for the latter as the people who can produce such extraordinary effects as a fireplace or window that look so realistic you sometimes feel compelled to touch them to believe they are merely paintings, they are in very high demand.

In addition to every imaginable type of painting, we also offer the following services:


  • Full plastering service, from whole rooms of bare brick to simply skimming over the joins in new plasterboard walls
  • Full wallpapering service – including stripping of the old paper, prepping the walls and even helping you choose the right style for the room. we can also offer specialist restoration services which include vintage hand-printed papers hung by people licensed to work on grade one listed buildings.
  • Ceiling only service; we find that many people quite like painting but hate doing the ceiling – we’re happy to help.
  • Safe removal of lead-based paint; clients with very old homes sometimes find it desirable to get rid of literally more than a century of paint, and this presents an obvious hazard that is not always considered.

It should almost go without saying that, because of the many years of combined experience which our exceptionally conscientious and diligent painters and decorators possess, we instinctively expect the unexpected, and whatever we come across when working in your home or business premises we will willing deal with in the most appropriate way – having first consulted yourself, of course. In simple terms this means that when, for example, we are stripping paint from the outside of a window sill and we discover rot, or we peel off wallpaper and discover mould, we will bring this to your attention and talk you through the options for dealing with the issue. We will never: A, just go ahead and add the extra time and materials to your bill; or B, ignore something just because it is minor at the moment – because it could cause major problems down the line.

Low and no odour paint: though STT staff and associates are always highly aware of health and safety issues, and one that comes up quite regularly is the issue of paint fumes and low or no odour paints with customers sceptical about these products. It’s true that there were numerous issues with these paints when they first hit the market around a decade ago, but improvement has been rapid not only with these specific paints but with paint in general, because the fumes come not from the paint itself – the pigment – but from the chemicals, and manufacturers have now caught up with the idea that consumers don’t want a headache from paint fumes and have been tinkering with their formulas a lot. All paints sold in the UK are now safe even the ones that are still smelly but should you have a need for a truly low or no odour paint, as can sort this out for you.

In fact we are happy to help you to whatever extent you desire, so if you are looking to redecorate from tom to bottom we can advise on everything from wallpaper and paints through to floors, floor coverings, curtains or blinds, and even things like chandeliers and light switches. As long as you accept that you are ultimately making the decisions and don’t blame us if you don’t like the final colour scheme once after our dedicated and enthusiastic staff have spent four weeks completely remodelling your house.

In summary, when you decide to invite us in to redecorate your home you get time served and fully qualified experts in their respective fields who are not only diligent but dedicated, and because we all take pride in what we do and get a real buzz from the combination of a job well done and a thoroughly satisfied customer, the chances of you being dissatisfied are virtually zero. That does sound like a proud boast but remember that we liaise closely with you throughout the project so there is no chance of our hanging the wrong wall paper or using the wrong colour paint. And as to the work itself, we are absolutely committed to the principle of thorough preparation and constant close attention to detail being the only way to achieve solid results which will readily pass the most stringent inspection with flying colours.

So whatever the jobs, give STT a call today and rest assured that reliability and personable professionals will tailor a service to suit your home, your budget and your time frame.

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