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No Nasty Surprises

NO NASTY SURPRISES means expecting the unexpected and being honest with you.

Few things are more frustrating than a bill which is significantly higher than the quote. Sometimes extra costs are unavoidable but it does not have to be a nasty surprise. By asking the right questions beforehand it is possible to anticipate the likelihood of extra costs arising.  Basic question such as the age of the property and what you know about its history can go a long way to giving you a much clearer idea of what the eventual bill is likely to be.

Of course there is always the risk of the completely unexpected, but by talking to you first we will be able to prepare you for the worst should it occur. The good news is the worst very rarely does occur, but our philosophy is hope for the best but prepare for the worst. This way you won’t suddenly be hit with a really nasty shock if we find something unpleasant and potentially very expensive to fix.

However, we will NEVER proceed without your fully informed consent about any extra costs likely to be involved.

Some of the worst-case examples of unpleasant surprises a contractor who does their job properly will  prepare you for include:

Discovering wet or dry rot that is endangering the structure of your property  – relatively rare but the good news is your insurance will usually cover the cost of

House clearance where pest control services need to be called in. Most likely to occur in houses occupied by extreme hoarders where the property has received no care or maintenance for many years.

Simple electrical jobs which reveal the need for partial or complete rewiring due to old systems which are a serious fire risk.

Plumbing work where lead pipe is discovered.

Refurbishments where asbestos is discovered. Uncommon but it does happen. The good news is that if the problem is serious, because it is considered a public health hazard your insurance company and/or local authority will cover most or all of the cost.  See the relevant section of our SERVICES for more about.

Making you aware of facts like those above is precisely what we mean when we say you will never get a nasty surprise from STT.

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