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Join Our Team

Because we are always looking to grow our business so that we can include as comprehensive a service as possible, we are always happy to hear from time-served experts keen to be part of a company who do things differently. If you meet our admittedly strict criteria you will be rewarded with aa working culture that is fun and relaxed, and a  sense of independence similar to being your own boss but without all the stress.  Because our pricing structure, like everything we do, is designed to encourage repeat business and growth through recommendation, we are indeed growing rapidly and in addition to a fair wage we offer various incentives such as a profit-share partnership which begins on completion of your first year and increases with each year of service.

To join us you will need to be able to provide a fully checkable work history – or relevant information covering periods of self employment; original copies of qualifications, up to date certification where relevant, evidence of your legal right to live and work in the UK, and a current criminal records check.

In addition ,we believe that attitude is everything, which is why you need to be a friendly person who can get on with anybody,  which means keeping your cool even when dealing with the most difficult customer and still finishing the job with impeccable professionalism,  which, as with every STT job, means never compromising on quality by rushing to finish, and always taking time to properly tidy up.

This might make us sound like hard task-masters,  but we believe that if  you only employ the best no only does it create a culture of self-perpetuating excellence but it also means that we can be very relaxed because you just don’t have to be a tough boss when you have awesome staff, which is what ultimately makes STT such a fun place to work.

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