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Curtain Rails and Blinds

Whatever type of curtains or blinds you need fitting, an STT expert handyman will be get the job done efficiently, effectively and at a price that is right. We are experienced at installing all types of curtain poles, rails and tracks, corded and uncorded, straight or curved – to fit bay windows, for example – as well as resolving issues with existing fittings and will be more than happy to advise you on the best type of fittings according to the window or door. In short, with the correct rail or pole, finials and tie-backs, STT can ensure that your drapes not only hang perfectly and open and close with the minimum of effort, but we will always endeavour to make sure they look great too.

When it comes to blinds, whether roller blinds, Venation, vertical or Roman blinds, we offer the same exemplary service as we do in regard to hanging curtains – i.e. we are patient and accommodating with and eye for detail that is all too often lacking in today’s everything in a massive hurry world. In fitting, we will happily trim Venetian blinds to the correct width and ensure that, just as with Roman blinds, they only drop as far as you want them to and no further.

One issue we encounter time and again with modern blinds, especially the slim Venetian variety, is problems with the twist-rod used to adjust the blinds either coming loose or getting snapped because it hangs in the way and gets caught as you walk past. The problems can easily be overcome or avoided altogether by thinking ahead and making sure that the rod is both secured correctly at the top and neatly cut too length and/or secured to the wall when not in use using a simple clip. These are such simple fixes it astounds us that other installation companies either don’t think about them or don’t care enough to get it right.



And there is what makes STT different: we might not be the cheapest or the fastest but we are the most thorough and we never quit until the job is done not just to your satisfaction but to our satisfaction, and we’re perfectionists, so even if we have to give you an hour of our time for free, we guarantee you will be happy you called STT.

In addition to curtains and blinds, we are increasingly being asked to either repair or completely install shutters, both internal and external. To date these have all been wooden shutters in traditional Georgian and Victorian townhouses, but we are always happy to discuss your design ideas and feel confident that between our own expert carpenters and joiners and our friends in the world of decorative yet functional blacksmithing, we can provide elegant shutters which serve simply to enhance the look of your property or which enhance the look of your property whilst also making your property and your loved ones a lot safer.

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