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Current vacancies

We currently have no staff vacancies but we are looking for the following to partner with or to work with on an associate basis

Because we do not get enough lock-out calls to warrant employing a full-time locksmith but we never like to say no to people, the logical answer is to develop a partnership agreement with an established professional locksmith we can call on you when people call on us.  We are choosing this route at this time because an established locksmith company will already have the legal and professional standing which is absolutely central to STT’s company ethos.
All fields. We are very keen to be able to provide a service for women who would feel more comfortable having another woman in their home rather than a man.  This will be a new side of our business and though we believe it will become very successful we have no way of being certain,  and as we currently have no general staff vacancies, this would need to be an associate role initially but you would be first in the queue for  the  next full time staff opening.  If, however, this  goes as well as we hope, you will be kept very busy and could actually find yourself managing this side of our business within a year or two.
We are currently looking for either  a freelance associate or a company we can build a relationship with who can tackle the full range of pest control services.

If you are interested in any of the above, or would like to work with us as an assocaite in any area, please email using the appropriate subject line.

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