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Become an Associate

We are also happy to talk to people who prefer to remain self-employed but who would like to be considered for inclusion on our list or reliable people we can call. Currently several people who provide very niche services – such as gas safety checks, for example, work with us on this basis.

However, unlike some companies who use contractors on a casual, almost random basis, freelancers who work with us are seen as ambassadors for our company, which means that you must meet the same strict criteria as our employees because we will be sending you into homes and businesses of people who have called STT and if you upset them it is us, not you, whose business will suffer. As we say on the previous page, we might sound tough, but this is all about building a company that is synonymous with quality, reliability, professionalism, trust and value for money, and as the saying goes: it can take a lifetime to build a reputation and minute to  destroy it.

Once you have cleared our exacting processed though, you will find that we are an exceptionally fair and pleasant company to work with.

Some other specifics you will need to meet if you wish to be an STT associate:

You must have your own insurance  because whilst we carry full public liability insurance, there are complexities where freelancers are involved. You will need ready access to reliable transport at all times. This is especially crucial for locksmiths who people are relying on to arrive swiftly in an emergency. You will need a full set of appropriate tools maintained to the highest standard.  If, however, we send you on a job requiring highly specialised tools or equipment – such as an industrial dehumidifier , for example –  we will provide this.

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