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STT has evolved into a single company from a group of highly skilled professional tradesmen who became friends due to years spent working in related fields. Through  regularly sharing contacts, resources and business know-how, we increasingly found ourselves either passing work to one another or bringing each other in to work on specific jobs together.

In 2015, when doing extensive work on the house of a very successful businessman, he found it curious that we all shared  the same philosophy of being more interested in making sure the work was perfect than in chasing money, but he pointed out that because we were so passionate about getting things right we had stumbled on one of the basic truths of business success – provide a great service at the right price and you’ll always have a steady flow of satisfied customers .This is when we decided that is made sense to come together as one company

It would be dishonest to say we are not interested in money, of course we are, not only do we want to be able to pay the bills without worrying and make sure our kids have the best of everything,  have nice holidays and enjoy the finer things in life, but some people are interested in money and focus on what they can do to get it and some people are focused on doing what they enjoy and look at how to make a living that way.

Because we are all passionate about working with our hands and solving practical everyday problems, we tend to get absorbed in our work and are naturally inclined to talk to our customers as we work because we are always looking to become better at what we do. This naturally leads to providing that all important quality service at a reasonable price which keeps the work flowing . Thus, because we’re always busy and we are not greedy, we don’t charge more than we think is fair and we don’t have to charge high prices on the days we do work to makes up for the days when we have no work, because days when we have no work are very rare indeed. This is  why << our pricing is  unique >>.

Of course you cannot overstate the importance of  professionalism and  reliability, but the one thing we try never to do is make assumptions about what people want, which is why we put such a strong emphasis on listening to our customers. Traditionally we have gathered this information through talking to people while we work , but we are now also starting to collect your views in a more structured way through our feedback form, which we strongly encourage all our customers to complete. This  information can be collated, analysed and put to considered practical use in developing STT. It will prove especially valuable in training new staff in the STT philosophy because technical skills are easy to learn if you have the aptitude, but people skills are  just as important to us and we want to make sure that, as we grow, we never lose sight of the fact that it is commitment to giving people what they want which  kept us all afloat during the  most economically difficult period in a generation, and what ultimately brought us together as a company.

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